5 Common Windows 10 Problems That You May Face [Quick Fixes]

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Talking about the Windows 10, the operating system is indeed great and user-friendly. But unfortunately, if you are not much into computers, then you may face trouble with some basic stuff.

Today we will be checking out a few issues that users have commonly faced with the Windows 10 and bring out a solution for you. Shall we begin?

Windows 10 errors and solutions

Windows 10 Problems & their Solutions

There were many bugs and issues which were present in the Windows 8. Taking them into consideration, the developers have worked on them and released the Windows 10 operating system.

But as we say, all good things will still have some faults in it. It holds true for the Windows 10 too, and they also have got a fair share of common Windows 10 problems, while some of the reliable features have also be removed in the new updates. This has left many of the users disappointed, though we still love Windows!

1) Not able to Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 upgrade errorWindows will notify you for all the updates, and this can happen at any time. Another thing is that the update notification will be able only for a limited time. If you are not able to upgrade your PC, then probably you missed out on the notification. So, wait for the system to come up with the next upgrade.

Also, check on the space details and other support information. If they don’t have the required ones, then the upgrade won’t be possible.

2) Wireless Networks not being displayed on Windows 10

If your PC is facing any Wired Network problem, then there are high chances of the system having a problem with the Ethernet Cable too. This could possibly occur due to the unsupported VPN software installed on the laptop. Go to the VPN setting, and then install the new upgraded ones. After this, try running the Network options.

3) Printer not running properly, what to do?

Printer not working in Windows 10The first step for solving this is to know whether the printer is turned on or not. Then, check the devices and printers which are connected to the PC, and look for your printer. Check if it is not placed in an unidentified location.

Try uninstalling and installing the printer back. Finally, update the printer software.

After you are done with that, the printer should run. If you are still facing any issue, then contact a professional and get the issue solved.

4) The Booting section is really slow, how to speed it up?

The first thing that you can try is to wait for the next software update, and then install all the updates with it. This will remove out all the bugs and also set the system with all the needed apps and support.

5) Files not opening with the correct set default applications.

This might have happened a lot of times, and you do have a solution for this. Open the Windows Settings app, there you will find the default apps option. This is where you could set the suitable app which you want to open for a particular file type.

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