5 Reasons for Motherboard Fails in Laptops | How to take Better Care of it?

“Take care of the motherboard, brother.”

I didn’t actually know the value of this sentence before, but now I realize.

Nick, one of my college buddies told me this when I told him about the motherboard issue on my laptop.

Top Reasons for Motherboard Fails in Laptops

I called Nick one Sunday evening and asked him to check the motherboard.

He is a gadget freak and got much deeper knowledge than what I have.

Reasons Behind Motherboard Fails in Laptops

Then he found out that, the motherboard was too old and told me to replace it with a new one. Just like a machine requires maintenance, my laptop’s motherboard needed to be updated or in other words replaced.

On asking Nick about the Motherboard problems, he explained to me the ways in which a motherboard could get damaged; and you may never know until it stops working.

1. Wiring Problem – The Most Common of all!

Just one burst of energy in the electric line could shut down the motherboard completely. Number one cause is the Lightning, which directly hits the crucial circuits on the motherboard. Also, if you connect the computer on the socket which has the fluctuating current then you are simply putting the device in danger.

2. Any Accidental Impact or Spills

Motherboards can damage even with a single drop of liquid, and spills are very common especially when it comes to the motherboards. All kinds of liquid can damage the motherboard, but the denser liquids do more harm.

Spills simply damage the chips inside the device, which eventually shuts down the motherboards.

3. Maybe the motherboard is too old now. Time for a replacement!

Umm.. well the motherboards will fail at some point. Now or later! This is normal.

All of these units come with a fixed lifespan, so as soon as the date arrives they will slowly start showing signs to you. Good quality motherboards offer fifty thousand hours of working, while some of them give more working duration.

Other low-quality motherboards will fail quickly, and sometimes they will be visible to you with the capacitors bulging near one end.

4. Heating Issue is there or not?

If you are performing multiple operations simultaneously on the computer, this will heat up the system which may possibly damage the motherboard.

Also, if the fans are not working properly then this won’t push out the heat properly which again cause trouble. Always keep the laptops on a cool hard surface, instead of keeping them on the laps. This will ensure that the heat is removed out.

5. Dust or Debris Collection

Finally, cleanliness is mandatory. Keep the laptops or computer clean both externally as well as internally. Perform the cleaning work once a month, this will ensure that no dust or debris is collected inside.

All thanks to Nick for helping me with this!

So, these are the major reasons which can cause Motherboard to Fail in Laptops. Keep a check on all the points, and take proper steps to prevent it!

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