A Week with the Apple Watch 3: Our Improver’s Full Fitness Tech Journey

Hey, chill! I know we are nowhere near the fitness freaks, but we surely are tech freaks like hell!

Apple Watch 3 brings you a super stylish way to stay connected and along with that stay healthy. Using this workout-based watch, you can monitor your health, keep a track of the workouts, and find the motivation to keep up the fitness journey going.

You can stay connected with your friends, and get to know all the information that you care about. Everything – now on your wrist!

Tech Fitness Experience with Apple Watch 3

Using Apple Watch 3 and My Tech-Fitness Experience

The three colorful rings indicate – Stand, Move, and Exercise.

Apple Watch keeps a check on your movements. For example, if you are sitting on the couch for too long, the watch will measure the calories gained and send you a notification. That’s how smart it is!

  • You can keep a check on the minutes you have worked on, share the stats with friends.
  • It also includes different group activities and competitions for keeping your spirit high!
  • For the tracking purpose, Apple Watch 3 can keep a track for different workouts like yoga, cycling, HIIT workouts, etc.
  • You can also pair the device with the gym equipment, and make it work better for you.
  • Get freedom from cellular! You can take a call while under the water, and even send a ‘call back you later’ message instantly during the workout.

Following are the activities you can perform wearing the Apple Watch 3 :

  1. Running
  2. Cycling
  3. High-Intensity Interval Training
  4. Swimming
  5. Gym 

We already got the Apple Watch 4 series, but I found the older Apple Watch 3 better than the new series. The Apple Watch 3 is less expensive than the new one, and the battery life remains almost the same. Battery life could have been extended to more than 2 days, which is missing on the Apple Watch 4.

You can make use of the Apple Watch 3 for a number of fitness activities. It comes with the user manual, read it thoroughly and get your ass working!

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